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We've also adapted the Prospero website to this season's identity.

The 2022-2023 season marks a turning point for Théâtre Prospero. For the first time in eleven years, it welcomes two new co-directors with a renewed vision and a desire to make theatre both accessible and daring, radical and popular.

The campaign for the 2022-2023 season aims to reflect the institution’s creative process, based on an experimental and surprising approach that challenges conventions and constantly explores new forms.

The visuals for the shows are based on portraits created by Mélissa Gamache, on which we intervened physically and which were then photographed again. These interventions were born from close collaboration with the theatre’s artistic director, to create images conceptually aligned with the various shows and the theatre’s vision.

We also updated the graphics and typography to signal a whole new era at Prospero. As a result, the theatre’s website now better reflects the colours and atmosphere of the current season.


Creative Direction: Bryan-K. Lamonde

Art Direction: Julien Hébert

Design: Julien Hébert

Graphic production: Dominic Baron-Chartrand

Project Management: Justine Crépeau-Viau

Account Direction: Mathieu Cournoyer

Photography: Mélissa Gamache

Hairstyling & Makeup: Patrizia Mancini


Century Schoolbook Monospace by Morris Fuller Benton

Futura by Paul Renner

Superpose by Julien Hébert

Awards & Mentions

IDÉA 2023, Grand prix, Gold

ADCC 2023, Silver, Bronze