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This monogram, from which a spark emerges, is at the heart of the identity. It symbolizes the transformative power of music and the platform’s role in creating a new currency of artistic expression.

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We have also conceptualized and executed several campaigns for a variety of products and events powered by Coral.

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Music has the remarkable ability to bring people closer and create a sense of connection. Coral needed a brand that would align with their mission of celebrating and using the unique power of music to directly support artists, fans, and the communities they create together.

The logo’s focal point is a bold and stylized monogram, where a dynamic spark emerges, symbolizing the transformative power of music and the platform’s role in creating a new currency of artistic expression.

Typography also plays a big role in the graphic system. Mostly set in white on dark backgrounds, its neutrality brings a certain seriousness and confidence, while allowing for playful compositions in appropriate situations. It always contrasts with the symbol and wordmark.

Brand photography is straightforward, unstaged, gritty, unapologetic and alive. It captures the personality of the artists and the intensity of the fans. We also developed a more versatile graphic language using colourful and grainy coral illustrations. Those make a direct connection with the brand name, alluding to the clusters of fans and artists created by the platform.

Additionally, our project encompassed the design of Coral’s website, serving as a central hub for the brand, facilitating transactions between fans and artists, and providing an interactive live-streaming platform. It’s all part of Coral’s commitment to reward their users and the artists they promote.


Creative Direction: Bryan-K. Lamonde

Design : Julien Hébert

Project Management: Marie-Hélène Rodriguez

Account Direction: François Morin


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Award & Mention

IDÉA 2023, Silver