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Photographie grange Disraeli


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Détails Exposition Disraeli
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We developed the graphic system for the communications campaign and designed derivative products for the Disraeli exhibition.

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Livre exposition Disraeli
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After obtaining a federal scholarship, the group of young photographers and researchers (Claire Beaugrand-Champagne, Michel Campeau, Roger Charbonneau, Cedric Pearson, Maryse Pellerin and Ginette Laurin) set off on a three-month trip where they were going to make a collaborative photographic portrait of the “ordinary lives” in the rural community of Quebec.

Thanks to a closeness and a new friendship with the people of Disraeli, they photographed the daily life of the inhabitants, highlighting the ordinary throughout their stay. A few months later, the large-scale distribution of these photographs created controversy and led to an unprecedented media storm in the field.

The exhibition presents this major event in the history of photography in Quebec through a scenography that is at times sober yet becomes vibrant and powerful when the theme of controversy is proposed. Visitors therefore find themselves in the middle of this unprecedented media tussle by living a visually rich experience.


Creative Direction: Bryan-K. Lamonde

Scenography: Éloïse Carrier

Design: Éloïse Carrier

Graphic Production: Éloïse Carrier, Camille Beauchamp-Yergeau

Project Management: Marie-Hélène Rodriguez

Coordination: Chloé Miglierina

Account Direction: Mathieu Cournoyer


Prisma Text by Lineto

ROM by Dinamo

Award & Mention

IDÉA 2023, Silver