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A Renewed Contemporary Art Fair


ProjectA Renewed Contemporary Art Fair
ServiceBranding, Web
SectorMuseum & Gallery

Formerly known as Papier, Montreal's largest contemporary art fair has undergone major transformation, giving birth to Plural. The fair now celebrates a wide diversity of artistic mediums, from paper to sculpture, digital art to installations.

The new identity is modulated to the rhythm of playful yet minimalist typographic compositions, keeping the spotlight on the artworks while echoing the festive character of the fair.

The pair of parentheses symbolizes an open canvas brimming with endless artistic possibilities. It represents a space where artists and art enthusiasts converge, transcending boundaries and embracing the richness of creative expression. Plural helps users experience the vibrant tapestry of contemporary art, where every parenthesis holds the potential for awe-inspiring work.


    Principal-Plural 23-Billboard
    Principal-Plural 23-Desktop 01
    Plural-23-Cartes Postale 02

    An understated and flexible graphic system designed to emphasize the diversity of media and artistic expressions showcased during the fair.

    Principal-Plural 23-Carte postale 02
    Principal-Plural-23-Tote bag 02

    A dynamic web platform that provides user-friendly access to programming and the complete library of artwork showcased at the fair, simplifying future acquisitions.

    Principal-Plural 23-Desktop 02

    The visual identity extends from the online platform to the on-site experience during the fair, creating a seamless experience from one medium to another.

    Principal-Plural 23-Dépliant foire
    Principal-Plural 23-Forum
    Principal-Plural 23-Identification kiosques
    Principal-Plural 23-Dépliant
    Principal-Plural 23-Mur Grand Quai