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L’ÉLOI is a production and representation company for new-wave artists that stands out with its high-quality visuals. With clients including Nike, SSENSE, Microsoft and Perrier, their mission is to reveal the world’s beauty. To help establish their international presence, we created a new brand platform and a revamped website to showcase their talents and express the company’s full potential.

The new identity is based on sober, structured typography that creates a harmonious balance with the eclectic, colorful visual content. The choice of typeface is inspired by the impact of classic American advertising and the elegance of European typography. The artists’ names, used in big, capital letters, become a powerful and refined signal for the brand.

The new website, which embodies the “show, don’t tell” philosophy, highlights the artists’ work with an intentionally rich and abundant approach to content. Thanks to content-rich layouts, images and videos follow one another without interruption, creating a generous and assertive appearance.


Creative Direction: Bryan-K. Lamonde

Web Creative Direction: Bruno Cloutier

Design: Éloïse Carrier

Web Design: Éloïse Carrier, Nick Losacco

Project Management: Marie-Hélène Rodriguez, Justine Crépeau-Viau

Account Direction: François Morin

Technology Direction: François Morin


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