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La Shed
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Carte d'affaire La Shed
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Interface site web La Shed sur iPhone
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Carte d'affaire la Shed
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We approached the project with these same considerations, using thermal engraving for printing stationery and hot stamped linen to cover the boxes that will be given to the firm's customers, containing the plans, 3D renderings and other traces of their design process.

We also designed and developed La Shed’s new website. It follows an approach that highlights the content and the achievements of the firm while highlighting the precision and the humanist approach of their work. On the home page, we suggest randomly discovering the hundreds of photographs that serve as an entry point for discovering the firm’s projects.


Creative Direction: Bryan-K. Lamonde

Web Creative Direction: Bruno Cloutier

Design: Dominic Baron-Chartrand

Graphic Production: Émile Lord Ayotte

Development: Anna Baumann, Loïs Boubault

Project Management: Sarah Rochefort

Coordination: Lydie Bochatay

Account Direction: Mathieu Cournoyer


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Award & Mention

IDÉA 2022, Bronze