Job Opening
Full Stack Programmer

Principal is looking for an experienced Full Stack Programmer. Our design studio is marked by its attention to detail and the creative nature of the solutions we develop.

We believe in the role of design as a cultural conduit, and work with print and digital media in tandem to create smart, tailored solutions. Our process is collaborative. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of experienced designers and creative technologists working hand in hand at crafting every step of projects. This ensures that every design opportunity is accounted for, and met with thoughtful and rigorous expertise.

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Overview of Tasks

  • Develop web application user interfaces
  • Develop content management tools
  • Interface integration through content management tools and APIs
  • Installing and launching solutions on web servers
  • Ensure compatibility with all supported navigation platforms
  • Ensure updates and maintenance of existing systems
  • Develop methodologies and tools used by the development team
  • Collaborate with creative teams in the definition of specifications
  • Document produced work

Qualities sought in candidates

  • Passion and interest (you love what you do)
  • Interest in design and the creative process
  • Reliability and responsibility (we can count on you and the quality of your work)
  • Autonomy (you have a sense of initiative)
  • Curiosity (you stay informed and experiment with new approaches)


  • Junior – Intermediate with 1-5 years experience in back-end et front-end web development
  • We expect the candidates to be familiar with a variety of practices and concepts specific to web

Technical Prerequisites

  • Extensive knowledge of Python
  • Extensive knowledge of server management on Linux
  • Understanding of REST and HTTP regarding web APIs
  • Extensive knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
  • Familiar with DVCS (Mercurial). If you are familiar with Git, this knowledge is transferable
  • Extensive knowledge of resource management tools (Webpack, grunt, npm, bower, etc.)
  • Good knowledge of web standards

Additional Assets

  • Knowledge of PHP
  • Knowledge of CMS WordPress and Drupal
  • Knowledge of creation tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch
  • Knowledge of MVW development frameworks such as Angular, Ember, React, Backbone, etc.